• Instructional Programs

    Enrichment Program (EP)

    A school-wide enrichment program is provided for all students in Grades 2 through 5 based on strength, interest and need. 


    The Enrichment Program services four areas of the entire student population.  The four areas serviced are the identified population, sparks group, interest groups, and whole class instruction.  Students with outstanding abilities are selected to participate in the identified population.  These students will meet weekly for a period of two hours throughout the school year.  Students that demonstrate a particular ability in a subject area participate in the sparks group.  These students can be referred to the enrichment teacher for additional enrichment activities.  The enrichment teacher is also available to teach whole class lessons at the request of the classroom teacher.  Parents who have questions about the program are asked to contact the school principal.


    Library Use/Caring of Textbooks

    Classes visit the library once a week.  Students are responsible for the books they borrow and must return them the following week.  Students and teachers are responsible for the cost of a lost/damaged library book.  Parent volunteers may borrow books for one week at a time and may renew them if necessary.




    Basic Skills Improvement Program (BSIP)

    Funded through state and federal resources, BSIP assists identified students in reading, language arts and math.

    Computer Lab

    Students learn computer literacy while using the computer as an instructional tool.



    E. T. Hamilton’s Guidance Program occurs at three different levels:  Classroom Instruction, Support Groups, and Individual Counseling.  Classroom Instruction is often requested by teachers, parents, students, and administrators.  This level of guidance focuses on pro-social.  The Support Group level usually consists of a small grouping of students with similar age and academic or social-emotional interests such as The Friendship Club, The Lunch/Bunch (divorce/separation) and The Welcoming Committee (for new students).  The Individual Counseling level allows a student to work directly with the guidance counselor.  Consistent individual counseling can occur with parent/guardian consent.



    Some topics for discussion include personal hygiene, safety and substance abuse.



    Speech therapy is available.  Contact the Child Study Team for screening information.


    Reading Enrichment

    Reading Incentive Program

    This school-wide program encourages students to read and develop a life-long love for reading.  Students participate in a variety of special activities during the six-week program including Parent Read-Aloud days, Readers’ Olympic Games and “Turn Off the TV and Read” night.  All children receive rewards for participation.