• Telephone or Address Change

    Please notify the office and homeroom teacher in writing immediately upon the change of address or telephone number.  It is important that we have correct phone numbers and emergency numbers in the office.


    Parent Visitation

    Parents are more than welcome to visit the school any time, but appointments must be made with the principal and teacher so as not to interrupt the classroom routine.  All visitors to the school must report to the office before proceeding with any business involving the school or the faculty.  All visitors must sign in at the front office and take a badge. Parents are not permitted to visit students in the cafeteria during lunch periods.


    New Students/Transfers

    New students are temporarily placed until initial testing inventories can be evaluated.  The reading specialist will contact parents with the results.

    Transfer requests must come from the parents of the student being transferred.  Records will be sent to the new school upon written request from the new school district.

    Lost & Found

    All personal property should be labeled.  A lost & found is located in the All Purpose Room