• District Homework Policy Grades 1-5

    The following time schedule should be used as a guide for the assignment of homework:

                Grades 1-2       20 minutes per night

                Grade 3             30 minutes per night

                Grades 4-5       45-60 minutes per night

    Please note that these times are approximate and variations do exist from student to student.  If you find your child working in excess of the stated limits, you should:

    • Discuss the homework assignment(s) with your child (does the assignment include work that should have been completed during the day; was the assignment spread out over more than one day).
    • Observe your child’s work and study habits at home.
    • Contact your child’s teacher.

    Please remember that the purpose of homework is:

    • To reinforce and apply skills learned at school.
    • To let you know, as a parent, what your child is doing at school and how well they are doing it.


    “Travel” Homework

    Requests are frequently made for homework to the teachers for students that will be going on vacation.  This is sometimes very difficult to prepare because lesson plans have not yet been completed and support materials not determined.  It is decided that no “specific” worksheets or workbook pages will be assigned.  General assignments such as approximate pages in various texts may be given.  Important assignments will be saved and students will be given a fair amount of time to complete work.  Students will be responsible for making up all tests and projects.


    Absentee Homework Policy

    If a child is absent for one or two days, homework will be given to the child upon their return to school.  This work should be completed in the number of days equal to the number of days absent from school.

    If a child is absent for three days or more, the parent should contact the school before 10:00am on the third day to request missed work.  Please let the school secretaries know who will be picking up the work.  It will be available for pick up after 3:20pm. Teachers should not be interrupted.

    If a student is absent for two weeks or longer, call the school for information about home tutoring.

    Requests for student work for vacations must be submitted in writing at least one week in advance.  When requested, teachers will provide parents with a general idea regarding instructional assignments to be covered during the planning vacation period.


    Study Skills

    In order to do well, a student should:

    1. Be prepared for class with all necessary materials.
    2. Be an active participant in class, listen well and take part in discussions.
    3. Ask questions if material is not clear.
    4. Make sure assignment is understood before leaving class.
    5. Plan homework for a certain time each day.
    6. Begin reviewing material several days in advance of a test.
    7. Get a good night’s sleep the night before a test.
    8. Relax!  You’ll do great.


    Report Cards

    Students in Grades 1 through 5 receive report cards quarterly; Kindergarten students, twice a year.

    Progress in Grades 2-5

    A =  92-100

    B =  83-91

    C =  74-82

    D=   65-73

    F =  64 & below