• Hamilton School Dismissal Plan

    All students in Grades 1-5 are dismissed from school at 3:25pm on a regular school day or at 1:40pm on an early dismissal day.  Students are designated as bus riders, walkers, CER students, carline students, or escort dismissal students.  Students in Kindergarten are all eligible for bus transportation.  Parents/guardians selecting to pick up their kindergarten student must do so through the supervised carline.  Students attending PM Kindergarten can also attend CER.  Carline students and escort dismissal students are dismissed to the APR for carline.  The homeroom teacher then walks the bus students to the gym, walkers to the exit doors, and CER students to the APR.

    Bus Riders

    • Students who ride the bus are dismissed from the 5th grade blacktop or the gym
    • Students enter the gym and sit quietly in their designated bus line
    • As buses arrive, students are called to exit the gym and enter their assigned buses in an orderly manner
    • Students are not permitted to ride a bus other than the one they are assigned to ride by the district transportation supervisor
    • Students are supervised on the blacktop or in the gym as well as outside while they are loading their assigned buses


    • Students who are designated as walkers are dismissed from the exit door or the main door of the school
    • Students are supervised in the hallway prior to dismissal
    • Supervision is provided at the exit doors to ensure students leave in a safe, orderly manner, and that visitors do not enter the building


    • Parent/guardian or escort arrival for carline begins at 3:20pm
    • Parent/guardian forms a line in front of the building and waits for students to be ushered to their cars
    • Once in the carline, parent/guardian needs to stay in the carline, as it is extremely dangerous to pass a car waiting in line
    • Parent/guardian should not bypass the carline and park their car to pick up their child from inside
    • Students are supervised both inside the holding area in the APR and outside as they walk to their cars
    • All complaints regarding people who may not be following procedures need to be directed to the principal or carline supervisor.  No one should initiate a confrontation with another person in the carline


    • Students who attend the after-school program are escorted to the APR by their teachers at the end of the school day.

     Escort Dismissal

    • Parents requesting escort supervision of students in Grades K-5 must complete the Request for Supervision at Dismissal Form
    • Students requiring escort dismissal will wait inside of the building under staff supervision until the carline students are dismissed
    • Approved escorts (parent/guardian or designated escort) must pick the student up in the APR, be prepared to show identification, and must sign the dismissal log
    • If a child is not picked up on time by the designated escort, the child will be placed in the CER program at the parent/guardian’s expense.


    Escort Dismissal

    Request for Supervision at Dismissal Form






    Parent/Legal Guardian Name:









    I am requesting the school only release my child to his/her parent/legal guardian or the escorts I have designated below.  By signing at the bottom of this form, I understand the following:

    ·         All students using Escort Dismissal must be picked up in the school car line.

    ·         Escort Dismissal will begin after the regular carline has been completed.

    ·         Students designated as participating in escort dismissal will be supervised in the library until the regular carline has been completed.

    ·         The dismissal procedures shall be effective upon school official signature and shall apply to all school days including early dismissal days.

    ·         Once my child leaves the school property with their designated escort, the district is not responsible for my child's actions or the actions of the designated parent/guardian or escort. 

    ·         In the event that my child is not picked up on time or by the designated adults, my child will be placed in the after school CER program and I will be responsible for the costs associated with CER.                   

    ·         The district may contact the local police station and/or child protection services if a child is not picked up by the close of the after-school child care program.

    ·         Any designated escort must be 18 years or older.

    ·         Any parent/guardian or escort should be prepared to show ID to school personnel and must sign the dismissal log.

    ·         My child will not be dismissed to any person not listed on this form.

    ·         This agreement will remain in effect for the entire school year unless revoked in writing.

    The following are designated to pick up my child after school from the car pool line.


    Parent/Legal Guardians:

    Designated Escorts:









    Parent/Guardian Signature:



    School Office Approval:





    Bicycle Riders

    Students in Grades 3, 4 & 5 not assigned to ride a bus may ride their bicycles to school.  Rules governing bicycle riding are sent home on the first day of school.


    Changes to Assigned Bus Routes

    When school begins, students receive their bus assignments.  These may not be changed!  In cases of extreme emergency, contact the bus supervisor or principal.


    Bus Rules

    1.  Be on time.
    2. Stay off the road.
    3. Show respect for private property (lawns, shrubs, trees)
    4. Obey the bus driver at all times.
    5. Permit younger students to board first.
    6. Keep hands, feet and book bags out of the aisle.
    7. Remain in one seat for the entire ride.
    8. Nothing is to be put out of the windows.
    9. Yelling, foul language or fighting is not permitted.
    10. Do not touch safety equipment.  The emergency door is for emergency use only.
    11. Wait until the bus driver signals to cross the street.  Then walk at least ten feet in front of the bus so the driver can see you.

    Questions regarding transportation?  Call Diane Turner at 856-751-8446 ext. 6124.