Regular Day                                                               

    Starting           Dismissal                                         

    9:00 a.m.      3:25 p.m.   All Grades Kindergarten - 5th Grade

    Early Dismissal

    Starting           Dismissal

    9:00 a.m.       1:40 p.m.  All Grades Kindergarten - 5th (lunch served)


    Arrival Time

    Supervision of the school grounds begins at 8:45 a.m. each day.  Students should not arrive prior to that time.  During inclement weather, students will be admitted into the building at 8:45 a.m.  Crossing guards are available only for a limited time.

    School Telephone Numbers

    Hamilton Main Office            856-767-4888

    Nurse’s Office                      Ext. 3161 or Ext. 1 for Absentee Line

    CER Voicemail                     Ext. 3139

    CER Office @ VMS              856-795-5566

    Inclement Weather Procedures

    All-Day Closing:  When severe inclement weather causes the closing of school for the entire day, phone calls will be made to each student and announcements will be made on cooperating radio stations between 6 a.m. & 8 a.m.  Our code number is 574.

    Delayed Opening:  If school openings are delayed, phone calls will be made to each student, announcement of the opening times will be made on the radio, Website, and Channel 19 as soon as possible. 

    Late Opening Schedule:     Grades K-5        10:30 a.m. to 3:25 p.m.                                     

    Early Closing:  When it becomes necessary to close school before the regular time, phone calls will be made and announcements will be made on cooperating local radio stations.  Every effort will be made to have early dismissal announced before the students have started for school.



    All absences must be reported to the school nurse on the morning of the absence.  Parents/Guardians of students unaccounted for will be called by our automated system.  Following an absence, parents must submit a written note with a brief explanation.


    Students arriving at school after 9:00am will be considered tardy and must report to the office for a late pass.  Parents of students with repeated tardiness will be notified in writing.

    Request for Early Dismissal

    Parental requests for early dismissal must be given in writing with the time of dismissal and the person responsible for picking up the child listed.  A designated person should report to the office at the requested early dismissal time to sign out the child.  Students must attend school for at least four hours in order to be counted present for a whole day.

    Religious Holidays

    In accordance with state law regarding pupil absence from school because of a religious holiday, these rules and regulations will be followed:

    1.  No pupil who is absent from school because of a religious holiday may be deprived of any award or eligibility or opportunity to compete for any award because of such an absence.
    2. If a pupil misses a test or examination because of a religious holiday, that student must be given the right to take an alternative test or examination.
    3. A pupil must present a written excuse signed by a parent or guardian prior to the child’s absence.

    Home Instruction

    When a child is expected to be out of school for a prolonged period of time because of certain illnesses or immobility, parents may request that a teacher be furnished for home instruction through the office of the Director of Special Child Study Services.  A certificate must be procured from the attending physician stating the nature of the illness and that the child can receive instruction without endangering his or her health.