School Bus


    **It is critical that you have information regarding buses. The main office is closed at that time so this is where you can find information

    about buses. Kindly sync your school email notification to your cell phone

    because Mrs. Malady, the school secretary, or I will be sending notifications via email if the buses are late.** 


    Bus Information and Contact Numbers:

    Kindergarten Buses HK 1, HK 2, HK 3, and Bus (H-28) are from the Hillman Bus Company. (856)-753-1123

    Buses H-21, H-22, H-25, H-26, and H-27 and KK1 are First Student Bus Company (Berlin Depot). (856)-753-0222

    Buses H-17, H-19, and H-20 are First Student Bus Company (Lawnside Depot). (856)-546-8131

    T & L Buses are used for after-school clubs. (856)-783-6609

    Aftercare CER is (856) 767-4888 extension 3139. You will get voice mail, but a blue light will indicate to the CER staff that the message must be checked.