All About Me

Posted by Sydney Steiner on 9/18/2019

Theatre Hello my name is Sydney Steiner! I am an eighth student here at VMS. I love to sing, but theatre is my passion. Right now I am a part of two productions. I am still in the audition process for Frozen Jr, and I am a main lost boy in Peter Pan. My rehearsal schedule is insane in the fall, but I like to stay busy. In my free time I like to hang out with my friends, go swimming, and go shopping. 


My favorite boardgame is either Apples to Apples or The Game of Life. I like Apples to Apples because that game can be very humorous. The Game of Life is also my favorite because there are so many decisions to make that each time you play, your story is completely different. I don’t really play too many video games, but I do like Mario cart. 


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