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Posted by Michelle Shih on 9/18/2019

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Hey everybody! My name is Michelle Shih and I absolutely love to dance! A few of my favorite things to do is to read on the couch, without a worry in the world. For some strange reason, when I read, my worries wash away, which is why I love to read after school. I am also a big fan of pop music, it lightens my mood and makes me a little less annoying. One of my traits would be optimistic because I often try to be as energetic and positive as possible, but everybody has a bad day or two once in a while. I attend the Drama Club at Voorhees Middle School, and my audition was actually tomorrow. I hope I get a decent role, but I’m not gonna get my hopes up.

As for gaming, I really don’t do much of it. I do play Super Mario Run on my iPad and I do play Mincraftnon my Xbox 1. Some other games I play on my iPad include Helix Jump, Word Cookies, and Trivia Crack 2. I have nothing against video games besides the fact that my brother, Connor will never stop complaining about how little video games he gets to play in our warm, welcoming home. In conclusion, this blog was all about me, and I hope you enjoyed it!

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