Winter Break- Rest and Relax

Every student patiently waits for that last bell on the 22nd of December, as they ponder what they might do over the extended winter break. But what are they going to do?

        Winter break is often the topic on the minds of students as the month of December comes to an end, but what does each student think of doing? Now, I might not have gotten to the interview the whole school, but I did happen to get about 5 different people’s opinions, all who attend VMS. Personally, I was shocked to hear when most of the students said they were just going to lay around and rest, instead of going out with friends, or vacationing. Most of the students said that they were tired of school, and instead of being active, would rather just stay home with family. The bittersweetness of this act really got to me, and I even started wondering what 

I was going to be doing over the

 winter break. But the real question is, 

what will you be doing?