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Hands on Learning in the Classroom


4th Grade Wax Museum


Fourth graders transformed into either a President or First Lady after having chosen and researched that person. Signal Hill students and parents were able to visit each wax figure and hear him/her speak. The fourth graders did a great job conveying their person.


Wax Museum Wax Figures Teachers listening to the wax figures First Ladies and Presidents Students enjoying hearing from the wax figures Wax figures waiting to be heard


Collaborative Writing 


Mrs. Greeley's and Mrs. Trunkwalters 5th grade students worked collaboratively to rewrite text through another character’s perspective. They worked together to write about a picture using 1st person, 3rd person limited, and 3rd person omniscient. They had a great time showing what they've learned in this way!


Point of View Collaboration Collaboration in the classroom Point of View Collaboration  

Fun in the classroom Point of View Collaboration Point of View Collaboration Learning is Fun!

Science Fun!


Ms. Leonetti and Mrs. Riggs students built the shaker table that would allow them to simulate an earthquake. Then they used Legos to build a structure they thought could withstand the earthquake. They observed the earthquakes and made changes to their original structures.

 Earthquake Experiment Earthquake Experiment

STEM Based Learning


Mrs. Greeley's and Mrs. Trunkwalters 5th grade students worked collaboratively to build the tallest, free-standing snowman with only 10 large marshmallows, 20 mini marshmallows and 30 toothpicks. 


Building a Snowman STEM activity Working Collaboratively


Science Lab at its best!  


Mrs. Francolino’s 2nd graders rotated for instruction using the new Pearson Elevate Science program.  A hypothesis and/or prediction was established as to whether items would “float or sink”, understanding that density determined the result.  Groups rotated: In one group, testing occurred with Mrs. Francolino; in another group, students worked on the Pearson Apps completing an interactive sinking and floating program; a different group read a book on floating and sinking along with discussion topics; the final group worked on a STEAM activity to build a structures with different types of blocks whose properties were previously discussed.  Students “squealed” with delight through the activities. "


Learning with Mrs. Francolino Rotating Groups Rotating Stations