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Remote Learning Technology Support

Remote Learning Tech Support Guidelines

Support attempts will be made on a “best effort” basis due to the complex variables involved with the personally owned technology found at home

  1. General help FAQ on website ( )
  2. Student informs teacher of problem – teacher contacts technology specialist with information.
  3. Technology specialist will handle issues associated with user accounts and software operation, while referring device-related issues to technicians for further investigation.
  4. “Help Requester” web link is available on every iPad and also available on website at ( )


These form responses are e-mailed to all tech staff members, and the appropriate person will handle to support request


  1. DO NOT use Parent Portal HelpDesk contact, as this only is relevant for help with the Parent Portal. In the event that the “Helpdesk” does receive some requests they will be forwarded to the appropriate person.
  2. Support will only be offered during school hours of operation
  3. There will be no home tech support visits