• Digital Content


    Educational resources deliverable via the Internet have become increasingly prevalent in recent years with many publishers providing free and subscription-based access to media rich content, collaborative applications, and activities that either replace or enhance products delivered in more traditional ways.  The districts evolving communication infrastructure makes the use of these resources possible, our staff regularly explores, assesses and shares information with one another about these resources, and our staff development initiatives focus equally on the effective use and creation of Internet-based resources.


    The districts communication infrastructure provides new opportunities for educational applications and content to be more accessible in the classroom, when needed at the point of instruction.  Shared resources for live video-based programming, video-on demand, videoconferencing, blogging, collaborative document creation, archived computer-based instructional presentations, and educational media-rich web content are some examples.

    The creation and sharing of content created by students continues to be an outcome of a variety of learning activities.