• Dr. Frank DeBerardinis      Dr. Frank T. DeBerardinis

                         Assistant Superintendent for Business/Board Secretary


    In 1986, Dr. DeBerardinis was hired in Voorhees to replace Mr. Brosel, who was about to become Superintendent of Schools.  Dr. DeBerardinis came to the District after a career in education that included teacher, guidance counselor, district coordinator, head football coach and business administrator. He had the rewarding experience of working in the school districts of Camden, Pitman, Collingswood and Barrington. He also worked for the Washington Post Corporation before returning to education. Dr. DeBerardinis holds eleven New Jersey Education Certifications. He was chosen as a State Mentor for new Business Administrators and served on various State committees including the Legislative, Facilities, and Ethics Committees. Dr. DeBerardinis is also the recipient of the NJASBO Distinguished Service Award.


    Dr. DeBerardinis has fostered the belief that an excellent education system must embrace all four elements of the educational experience; academics, activities, arts, and athletics (the four A's of education). An excellent academic program must be the foundation. However, students must feel ownership of their educational environment and be able to express their special abilities in various activities, the performing arts and athletics.  Every student should be afforded the opportunity to broaden their understanding of the world in which they live and the people with whom they are surrounded. These goals can only be achieved, in the times in which we live, by operating within the economic parameters set by the state of New Jersey and the constituency served by the school district.