• Welcome to my page

        na Hello My Name is JoannesWelcome to my page. My favorite subject is math. My favorite sports are Soccer, Swimming, and Baseball. My favorite sport teams are the Flyers, Phillies, Sixers, Eagles islanders and Roma because I love Rome in Italy and because I have family in Italy. My favorites athletes are Mario Ballotelli, Chase Utley, George Samaras, John Tavares Allen Iverson, and Wayne Simmonds. My favorite food is pasta with cheese. My favorite dessert  is chocolate cake. My friends are Nick, Nate, Dhruv, Jimmy, Sean, and much more. My favorite movie is Red dawn. My favorite country is Greece or Italy. I swim at Jersey Wahoos. I'm really fast at swimming. This summer I hope to win Tri county.  My favorite candy is between Swedish fish or Sour patch kids. My favorite color is Orange. My favorite animal is a gorilla. This year my cousin is coming from Greece. It is going to be so much fun. She will be turning ten.  I also have a Xbox 360. My favorite games are Sport games. For vacation I like to go to Florida. The hotel I like is The Ritz Carlton. There beach is great. There is one place where they have a video game place. Its so fun. Next year  I will be going to VMS. When I grow up I want to be the president or be a Olympic swimmer. My favorite number is 13. My goal for middle school is to be a great student. I really want to go to the Best math class. I love math. I also have too little beta fish. Ones me is swimmy and the is shiny. I also love reading. my favorite books are A series of unfortunate events and the Harry Potter series even though I didn't finish yet. after I finish the Harry Potter series I will start the Percy Jackson series I also have a sister Brother Dad mom And my grandpa who lives with us. My favorite chocolate candy is Hershey's or Kit Kat. That is a little about me. 
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