• Intervention and Referral Services – RTI Teams

    When a student has been identified as making minimal academic progress and/or displays behaviors that interfere with a child’s emotionalor social well being, the child can be referred to school based teams calledResponse to Intervention (RTI) Teams. The RTI process is a collaborative effort between district personnel andparents to support the child with tiered interventions within the regularschool program. 


    RTI is an intervention designed to improve the child’s achievement and adjustment in school. The process is not to be considered as a referral to the Child Study Team.  Quite theopposite. Our goal is to prevent the needless identification of students asdisabled and to serve our students and teachers within the regular schoolprogram.  If a child does not makemeaningful progress while receiving interventions via RTI and/or a disabilityis suspected, a referral can be made to the Child Study Team.

    Questions concerning this service should be directed tothe school principal or guidance counselor.