The Free to Be Club

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    "Don't let nobody tell you that you shouldn't be just who you are!" --Michael Franti


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        The Free to Be Club is a club for those who wish to make a difference in the world around them starting with their school community. The club members take an active role in promoting a positive school climate here at VMS. We also discuss important issues such as bullying and ways we can help not only ourselves but each other. The meetings take place in Room B-1 at least twice a month; their dates/time can be found on this website's "Calendar" link and on the "Free to Be Club" bins. You must have a permission form completed for all beginning meetings (you can access a permission form on this website, or you can attain a form from any of the "Activities" bins found in all grade level hallways). All new members are welcome!

    Advisor: Ms. Pryzbylkowski, Room B-1
    856-795-2025 Ext. 5266

    Refer to the calendar for meeting dates