Welcome to my classroom! I've been teaching at VMS for 18 years! I will be entering my new journey in my 19th year teaching Health and PE. 
    Tiime flies faster each year. I love my job and teaching my students in a way I can connect and relate to them. I take the time know my students over the 3 years they are at VMS! Not because I have to, but because I truly want to learn about their likes and hobbies. Teachers who activiely engage with their students will get more out of them in the classroom, if they feel valued and safe! 
    My students are the reason I love my job so much! I've chosen a profession that I enjoy getting up for every day! One thing I instill in my students is that you always want to find your passions in life, so that one day you can be independent, but most imporantly, happy with the path and career th