• Same and Mixed-Aged Classrooms
    The Voorhees Public Schools implement a classroom assignment system based on both same-age and mixed ages. From the perspective of curriculum and instruction, the state-approved Creative Curriculum adopted by Voorhees is designed to cater to both settings. Each lesson within the curriculum presents opportunities for teachers to engage with each child at their individualized developmental level, targeting specific skills and objectives. There are various methods available to differentiate instruction for students, regardless of their age. The emphasis lies on each student's current abilities, guided by the 38 Objectives for Development and Learning.
    The New Jersey Department of Education highlights the benefits of cross-age learning, emphasizing its role in fostering social interaction, modeling, mentoring, and leadership among children. In such settings, a child may achieve milestones earlier with support from a more advanced peer, while the older child gains confidence and compassion through mentoring. (PPIG, 2015).
    Our preschool instructional coach, who supports classroom teachers in curriculum implementation, brings rich experience from both multi-age and same-age settings. Her expertise ensures that instruction is developmentally appropriate and adequately challenging for each child.