Friday, 12/10
    Watch from 40:00 --> The History of Earth - History of Earth

    -On PAPER, Write 10 facts/thoughts/questions; screenshot and upload to today's assignment.
    -See you Monday! 


     Monday, 12/6

    - See assignment in Google Classroom for Monday, 12/6: fill in p4-6 in INB Graphing Data using attached pdf

    - Work on Ugly Sweater due Tuesday, 12/7; put in small white bin when finished.


    Tuesday, 12/7

    -Complete the graph on p7 of INB Graphing Data & TURN In INB.

    -Work on Ugly Sweater due today; put in small white bin when finished.


    Wednesday, 12/8

     -In your NOTEBOOK (or on paper), use the list provided, write the names of the human body systems and use the internet to help you briefly explain what they do, list 1-3 major parts of the system.

    -Attach a screenshot of your work at the end of class.

    Thursday, 12/9 

    -Use the information from your Human Body system notes to complete the Crossword about the Human Body System.

    - Clues are on Google Classroom

    - Upload a photo of your completed crossword at the end of class.