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    Posted by Maureen Boyle on 9/21/2020

       If you are like me, you might be feeling overwhelmed by all the "bad" news that we are inundated with at the moment. The sources we go to for information, whether it be a news outlet or social media, are filled with stories of fear and devisiveness that seem to highlight the "worst of us”. 


       But then I come here, to Kresson Elementary School and I am surrounded by "the best of us". I see students whose happiness can not be masked simply because they are asked to wear a mask. They trod into school with smiling eyes, upbeat greetings, and the most resilient attitudes. They are excited to see their friends and teachers, even if it means that it looks a little differently this year. 


       I see teachers who have been asked to do the impossible, be two places at one time. They are teaching both in person students and remote students all at once . They are learning new technology and dealing with technology glitches. They are fielding questions from all angles, while being watched by tiny eyes and tiny cameras, and yet they keep showing up with enthusiasm, side stepping each barrier in their way to meet not only the academic needs of their students, but the social-emotional as well. 


       I see parents who have been thrust into the role of teacher while juggling work and home responsibilities, often with multiple children. They are lifting spirits, wiping tears, making lunches, monitoring google meets, and still trying to manage the million other jobs that are required of them. But day in and day out they show up for their kids, proving no barrier, no matter how big can match the fierceness of a parents love. 


       Everywhere I look I see love, courage, resilience, flexibility, perseverance, compassion and dedication. I know there is alot going on in the world at large and it can be overwhelming. I also know that when I take the wide lens and zoom in on the right here and now I can focus in on all the good that the present moment has to offer. 


       My goal this year is to magnify the good, which simply means to pay attention to it, to name it when I see it, to collect it, and record it. This doesn’t mean I am ignoring or denying all of the very serious issues we are collectively facing. I am just not going to allow it to be all consuming. Because when fear is the only voice at the table, I get frozen and overwhelmed and I can’t be effective. But when I purposefully, intentionally make room for love, kindness, courage, and all of the good, I can breathe again and I’m freed up to make forward progress -even if it’s only one small step at a time. So here is to one small step in a good direction. 

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