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  • Hello and Welcome to Third Grade

    Makar-Room 18

    Welcome third graders and parents.  I'm glad you came to visit, and now that you're here, let me tell a little about myself.

    I'll start with my time at Hamilton.  Then I'll tell you a little about my family and some of my favorite things. 

    I've been teaching at E.T.Hamilton for the past 16 years.  When I first started, I taught first grade and fourth grade, but my favorite grade is 3rd.  I've been teaching 3rd grade for 13 years.  I'm looking forward to a great year this year.  

    My Family:  I've been married for 28 years and I have three children Sarah, Alexandra, and Joseph.  Sarah is 27, and she just recently got married and is living in Florida.

    Alex is 23 and Joey is 20.  Both are currently attending colleges; one in Maryland and the other in New Brunswick.

    Some of my favorite things are: Church, family, cooking, pets, and travel.  At home, I have three pets; two dogs and a kitten.  My dogs are Cody and Lily; both are labs.  The kitten is tuxedo cat and her name is Toula.  

    In addition to teaching 3rd grade, I teach highschool Sunday School at my church.

    I love to cook and eat out, and my favorite meal is spaghetti and meat sauce.  I also love vanilla ice cream with a litte bit of fudge and peanuts.

    As for travel: We have traveled to many places, but the one place we all want to go to is Egypt.  Since both my husband and I were both born in Alexandria, Egypt.

    My kids would love to visit and sight see my home country.

    I hope you got to know a little about me.  I'm looking forward to getting to meet you and know about you.  This will definitely be an exciting year filled with lots of learning and fun.  I can't wait to make new memories with you. 

     For questions, concerns or messages, please feel free to email me at



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