Remote Learning Guidelines

  • Remote learning is continuing this year so please be aware of the guidelines and expectations.

    Must haves:

    These are my expectations from you each and every day. They are not optional.

    • Check in each day with your homeroom teacher (before 2:00!)
    • Check your assignments daily to make sure you know what you are doing.
    • If we are in hybrid mode, you are expected to sign into your live sessions ON TIME.
    • Complete all assignments on time unless you have an issue or question. If so, you are expected to reach out to me before the assignement is due.
    • Join 80% of my live sessions (if we go 100% remote). You do not have to speak or ask questions but you should be actively listening.

    Nice to haves:

    These things are not expected but would be awesome if you did them!

    It would be nice to have you...

    • me your wonderful faces when doing a live sessions so I can get to know you!
    • ...check in weekly to let me know how you are doing! This can be through a quick message or email.
    • ...ask me lots of questions! I expect many, MANY questions especially when it comes to math. Don't be afraid to ask them! You don't ask, you won't learn!
    • ...practice safe learning habits (if in school).
    • patient with technology and more importantly, yourself. We are all going through this crazy time so don't be so hard on yourself! Learning is not easy!
    • ...never give up! Reach out if you would like a ONE on ONE live session. 99.9% of the time, this alleviates student stress and confusion! :)