Art Assignments- All Grades May 18-29

  • For the next two weeks you will be choosing your own art activities from the lessons provided. YOU ARE TO COMPLETE ONE ACTIVITY PER WEEK. You do not need to do all of them. Students with siblings who also go to Signal Hill are welcome to work together on an activity whenever possible. Read about the activities that most interest you and follow the directions listed. Any artwork completed should be photographed and submitted digitally via email at


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    Option 1: Nature Photography

    For this assignment you will be taking photographs inspired by nature. Many artists are inspired by nature including famous landscape photographer Ansel Adams. Here is one of his amazing photos.


     For your assignment you will take 5 nature inspired photos. They may be lanscapes like the one you see above, or close up "macro" images, or a picture of your garden, etc. If you are unable to get outside maybe take a picture of a plant or flowers you have in your house, or even take a picture through a window (like I did in the tree photo below.) Check out these examples for ideas, and email me one favorite photo at

     lake  vase  tulips  leaves


    Option 2: Draw Your Pet:

    I keep seeing all of these adorable dogs and kittens on my Google Meets and that gave me an idea! For this assigment you will use whatever materials you have to draw your pet. Start by looking at your animals and drawing an outline of them with a pencil. Next add colors to represent your pet's fur, scales, feathers, etc. You can use any materials you have on hand- crayons, watercolors, colred pencils or anything you have available. Don't forget to email me a photo at

    cat  dog  hamster  

    Option 3: Integrated Chalk Designs

    For this assignment you will use sidewalk chalk to crate "integrated" designs- meaning the drawings will create a scene or place and you will be a part of the design. Brainstorm ideas before starting then draw and color in your creations. Finally, sit or lay down to become a part of your design and have a parent or sibling take your photo. Here are some examples of integrated chalk designs. Don't forget to email me your photo at

     camp  surf  fish  balloon

    Option 4: Cardboard Architecture

    Fun fact- before becoming an art teacher I actually went to school and studied Interior Architecture. Architecture is the art of designing buildings. Houses, schools, skyscrapers, hospitals, and hotels are all designed by architects. For this assignment you will use cardboard to create a building, it can be any type of building. Old ceral boxes work really well for this, and so do old toilet paper or paper towel rolls. Start by cutting, folding and gluing to get a shape for your building. Next, add construction paper, paint, tin foil, markers, or whatever other materials you have to create details. Think of buildings you've seen in real life- how can you use those as inspiration for your own buildings? Finally take a photo of your creation. See my photos below for inspiration, and dont forget to email me a photo at

     cottage roll gray castle

    Option 5: Plate Portraits

    For this assignment you will start with a paper plate. Next, use ANY materials you have to create a face on your plate. You can draw it, you can cut out shapes and glue them, you can arrange toys or foods to look like a face, add yarn or string for hair. There are really no limits here- you have free reign to be super creative. When you're happy with the face you've created snap a quick photo and then clean up whatever mess you may have made. See my photos below for inspiration, and dont forget to email me a photo at

    face  face2  face3  cutface

    Have fun and be creative! I miss you all!