Art Assignments- All Grades May 4th- 8th

  • This week for art you will be experimenting with digital art- which is art created using a computer. Below I will introduce 3 different online programs. You may choose to experiment with just one program, or you're welcome to try all three. You can read about each program below, and you will also find directions on how to use them. If you are able to save or screenshot your work please send them to me via email at


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    Option 1: Tate Paint

    The Tate is a group of British Art museums, and their website has a lot of amazing resources for kids. This week we will be using a game they have called Tate Paint. It allows you to draw, paint,and color using your computer!

    How to Use Tate Paint: visit and click the icon that says "Lets Create"

    Once the program opens you will choose your canvas. Next, experiment with the different tools and see how they work. There are things like paintbrushes, spraypaint, pencils, markers, and a few funny add-ons.


    Continue experimenting, you can try to make a specific drawing (a tree, a landscape, a portrait, etc.) or just have fun creating colorful designs.

    tate1  tate2

    When You're finished, click the green check mark on the right side of your screen. You will then have the option to download your painting if you want to save it. You dont have to send me your paintings this week, but if you make something you like I would love to see your creations! Just download your painting and email it to me at



    Option 2: Weave Silk


    ***Weave Silk works best on a desktop or laptop computer, not a phone or iPad**

    Weave silk is a program that allows you to experiment with symmetry. When most people think about symmetry they think of things like butterflies, where an onject is the same on two sides. Weavesilk allows you to experment with something called radial symmetry, where lines and shapes are reflected onto more than two sections. The designs you create may end up looking like a snowflake, a flower, a kaleidoscope, or even an explosion.


    How to use weave silk: Visit and click anywhere on the homescreen to start.

    Step 1: In the top left hand corner you will see several options. Click on the DOT to get your tools and controls

    Step 2: Select your colors and drag the slider bar over to increase your points of symmetry. As you do so you will see more dots appear. more dots means more points of synmetry and a more detailed design. 

    Step 3: Use your mouse or touchpad to draw on thr black screen. There is no right or wrong way to do this and experimenting is lots of fun! Change your colors as you do along.

    Step 4: You can make as many designs as you would like. You are not required to submit your work this week, but if you make something you want to shave and share just click the camera icon to save your design. You can then email it to me at

    1 2

    c 3



    Option 3: Quick, Draw!

    Quick, Draw! is a super fun game that challenges you to draw something while the computer tries to guess what it is.

    To play Quick, Draw visit and click "Let's Draw" You will then be given a word to draw in under 20 seconds. Click "Got it" to start, and get drawing quickly! You can always click the eraser button if you make a mistake and want to start over. For eacg game you will get 6 words to draw. At the end of the game if you click on your drawing you will see how they guessed and show you other drawings or what else they thought your drawing might be.

      sword   end

    Don't feel discouraged if the computer can't fiigure out what you're drawing! Technology is not always perfect. When I played it somehow could tell that this random scribble was a scorpion, but didnt know that my other (pretty good) drawing was a door.


    You don't have to send me anything this week, but if you draw something you're super proud of or think is funny feel free to screenshot it and send it to