• Starting this week, we will be introducing a "Flex Friday" into the weekly schedule. Our first Flex Friday will be May 1st. What does this mean?  No new assignments will be posted on Fridays, as the goal will be to provide an opportunity for students to catch up on classroom and specials assignments, explore online resources, and communicate with teachers about questions, concerns, etc.  It will also give teachers an opportunity to check/grade assignments, collaborate with grade level teams, communicate with students and parents, and plan for future remote instruction.  

      We will also be following a school-wide specials schedule where each day will be designated for a specific special regardless of class or grade.

      Kresson Specials Schedule

      Monday - Art

      Tuesday - Music 

      Wednesday - Library

      Thursday - Health/PE 

      Students can click on the link https://www.smore.com/ahupq-kresson-specials to see the assignment from their specialists.