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     This week: Enjoy my read-aloud of LAMBSLIDE by Ann Patchett followed by a MakerSpace challenge.

                       Be sure to ask a grown up before constructing your own Lambslide!


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    Try the BOOKFACE Challenge


    How To:


    •  Pick a book..
    •  Book cover must have a face or body that is appropriate.
    •  It's best if the book's image is only part of a face so the cover can be lined up with your own face and body.


    1.  Try to dress/look like the character on the book cover.


    1.  Line up the book with your face or your body so that they blend together. Someone outside the photo may have to hold the book between the camera and you for a seamless photo..


    1.  Have someone take your bookface photo.  Adjust the camera to get closer or farther away for the best shot.
    2.  Send to my email.  paulus@voorhees.k12.nj.us


    I can’t wait to see your BOOKFACE!

    I miss you! Mrs. Paulus   See more samples Below.