• Virtual Meeting Conditions & Rules

    This virtual Board of Education meeting will be recorded for possible future use. By joining this meeting using the provided link or dial-in information, you are granting permission for the district to record your voice, image and any comments you may render in text as part of its content. We may potentially share it with the community for on-demand viewing via the Internet.

    The September 23, 2020 Board of Education meeting will allow for limited in-person attendance at Osage Elementary School based on NJ capacity rules.  This virtual component is intended for those who prefer to attend remotely or may not be able enter due to capacity restrictions.


    1. All meeting participants must read the rules listed below and click on the “I Agree” link at the bottom of this page in order to view the Join Meeting information.
    2. Meeting participants who do not follow the established meeting rules may be removed from the meeting without notice, and not permitted to rejoin.
    3. We ask that participants join the meeting prior to the scheduled start time - join requests will be accepted beginning 10 minutes prior to the scheduled start time.
    4. Participants may join by way of Internet attached computer via web browser, or via the Zoom mobile app, or by telephone via a provided phone number and PIN + # (follow voice prompts after dialing in - *6 to mute or unmute).
    5. Steps for joining the meeting via the Google Meet platform is available in advance. Click here to access the help document.
    6. No additional technical support will be provided to participants having difficulty installing a computer web browser, joining the meeting with their devices, or with any other difficulties related to their experience with audio, video or display of content.
    7. Participants are recommended to retrieve a personal copy of the meeting agenda and handout(s) from the district website in advance, as the content of the agenda will not be shared as viewable on the meeting platform during the course of the meeting. Click here to access the agenda.
    8. Access to the meeting by participants that are neither district BOE members nor staff will require the manual acceptance of a request to join, which may cause a short delay.
    9. All participants, upon joining the meeting, will be in a muted state for audio and must remain that way throughout the course of the meeting unless otherwise noted.
    10. Participants will NOT have access to the Chat tool during the meeting. In order to make a public comment during the meeting, participants are instructed to send in their comments in the form of an e-mail message addressed to Michelle Santore (santore@voorhees.k12.nj.us) with the phrase "Public Comment" in the subject area. Comments in the body of the e-mail must include the sender's first and last name, as well as home address, and they will be read aloud in turn during the Audience Participation portions of the meeting.
    11. Participants may not Share (Entire Screen or Window) at any time during the meeting under any circumstances.
    12. This virtual BOE meeting shall be conducted in the same fashion, using the same protocols as a locally attended BOE meeting.
    13. This virtual BOE meeting shall be recorded, and your attendance reflects your agreement to be included in that recording.

    Meeting Rules

    1. All Board of Education members, the Superintendent, School Business Administrator, and Board Solicitor, if attending remotely, may unmute the meeting room audio for any portion of the meeting in which they choose to speak (it is recommended that participant audio otherwise remain in a muted state to reduce overall audio distortion).
    2. All other participants: Device audio must remain muted throughout the course of the meeting.
    3. There is an Audience Participation component that will happen twice during the course of the meeting. Participants who wish to comment or ask a question must:
      1. Computer or Mobile Device Users – send comment(s) to santore@voorhees.k12.nj.us to be read aloud during the public comments portions of the meeting.
      2. Telephone Dial-In Participants – will have no ability to comment.
      3. In-Person Participants – must raise a hand and wait to be called on by the board president.
    4. Any misuse of audio, video, chat or content presentation features of the meeting platform, based on the meeting conditions and rules listed above will result in the participant’s removal from the meeting by the meeting organizer.

    I Agree  - I acknowledge the established meeting conditions, rules and consequences and choose to participate by clicking here to obtain the Join Meeting web link and telephone connection information.