• Try out some of these exciting activities!



    1. Virtual Field Trips

    2. Inside activities

    3. Activity pack 

    4. Draw a dog- Tessa and I did this together!

    5. Measurement is coming up in topic 12! https://pbskids.org/games/measurement/ 

    6. STEM Activity: Build a bridge that is strong enough to hold a book. Please send photos if you do this! I'd love to see them!


    7. Play cards-

    How to play Make Ten:

    1. Remove the face cards from a deck of playing cards and place the deck, face down on the table.
    2. Each player chooses 5 cards and places the cards in front of him.
    3. The first player uses the 5 cards to create as many equations as he can in which the sum equals ten. For example, If I have 9, 9, 3, 2, 4, I could make the equation: 9+1=10.

    4. After making as many equations as possible, player sets aside the used cards and play passes to the next player.
    5. Play continues with players refilling their hands to 5 cards at the start of each turn.
    6. Whoever uses the most cards by the end of the deck wins

    8. boredom-busters-for-kids-at-home

    9. NASA kids club

    10. National Geographic Kids

    11. Clever

    12. United States Game- Game

    13. Generous Genius- Science!

    13. https://www.papertraildesign.com/i-spy-game-printables/