Art Assignments- All Grades

  • For the next few weeks students will choose one of these activities for every week of Art missed. Students with siblings who also go to Signal Hill are welcome to work together on an activity (the chalk mural or toilet paper roll sculpture for example.) Read about the activities that most interest you and follow the directions listed. Any artwork completed should be photographed and submitted digitally via email at


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    Option 1: Draw Your Favorite Toy

    For this assignment you will select a toy that is special to you and use it as the inspiration for a drawing. Start by selecting the toy you would like to draw and gathering your art supplies. You can use any materials you would like. Use a pencil to start (just so you can erase if you make mistakes- remember 'draw it light til you know it's right') Next- add details, texture and color to your drawing.  Check out my examples for ideas, and dont forget to email me a photo at

     dragon  bunny


    Option 2: Uplifting Chalk Drawings

    For this assignment you will create uplifting sidewalk chalk drawings in your driveway. Recently the "Chalk the Walk" movement had gotten started, asking people to decorate their driveways to bring happiness to the many families taking walks around neighborhoods to get fresh air. You can create any type of drawing or design you want, but please include some sort of wording that will "uplift" your neighbors. See the examples below for inspiration, and dont forget to email me a photo at

    safe  day  bee


    Option 3: Toilet Paper Roll Sculpture

    For this assignment you will use something we probably all have a lot of right now- empty toilet paper rolls. The cardboard tubes from toilet paper actually make awesome art supplies! To make your sculptures just flatten the tube slightly and cut them into pieces- the pieces will look like leaves. Next, dip the cardboard pieces and glue them onto a piece of cardboard (old cereal boxes work great!) in whatever arrangement you'd like! If you're working with a brother or sister consider making your sculpture larger.  See my examples below for inspiration, and dont forget to email me a photo at

    1  2

    Option 4: Still Life Painting- With Coffee!

    A still life painting is a type of artwork where the artist paints "arranged" objects- something like a bowl of fruit or a vase of flowers. This painting will be a little different- you will be using coffee instead of paint! If your parents drink coffee ask them to save a little bit. Also have them save the coffee grounds (the muddy looking stuff left in the coffee filter). The coffee will make "paint" thats a light tan color, the grounds will make a darker brown. Set up your still like (it can be anything you want, I chose to paint my half-empty coffee pot) and then start painting with your coffee. Next, use the coffee grounds to add dark lines and shadows. Dont worry if the coffe grounds leave muddy crumbs on your painting- once the painting is dry they will brush right off. See my photos for inspiration, and dont forget to email me a photo at


    Option 5: Found Object Color Weel

    A color wheel is a tool that helps artists. Color wheels show us how colors are related.  They remind artists how to mix and think about colors. A color wheel is always arranged in a certain order, with certain colors next to each other. For this assignment you will create your own color wheel using items you have in your home! Find objects in the 3 primary colors (red, yellow, and blue) and the 3 secondary colors (orange, green, and purple) and arrange them in order to look like the color wheel. See the color wheel below and my example for ideas, and dont forget to email me a photo at

    wheel cw