Remote Learning

ESL Remote Learning From Home

  • All ESL students were sent home with a Remote Learning for ESL folder on Friday, March 13, 2020. Students are asked to complete one page from the folder per day that we are out of school. Once the folder is completed and if we are still not in school, students can choose one of the activities below per day to complete. I will be available via email between the hours of 9AM-2PM Monday-Friday should you have any questions, comments or concerns. I will also be emailing all families with supplemental material on a regular basis.

    Reading Activities:

    • Read a short story of your choosing aloud to your a member of your family, a friend or pet. Ask whoever you are reading with to ask you comprehension questions about your story. 
    • Read a short story and write a short paragraph about what you think might happen next.
    • Read a short story and draw a picture of your favorite part.
    • Read a recipe and help your parents/guardians cook dinner.

    Writing Activities:

    • Write a letter to a family member or best friend. 
    • Write a poem or song.
    • Write a short story about a topic of your choice.
    • Play a few games of hangman or pictionary with friends or family members.
    • Make a list of things that you would like to do this summer.

    Listening Activities:

    • Listen to a song on the radio and write a short paragraph about what the song is about.
    • Play Simon Says with a friend or family member.
    • Watch a television show in English and write a short paragraph about what it was about.
    • Have a family member draw a picture. Then have them describe it to you while you draw. Compare pictures to see if they both are the same.

    Speaking Activities: 

    • Call a family member or friend on the phone and have an interview with them. Ask them questions about their life. Write down their responses. If possible, have them interview you, too!
    • Learn to sing your favorite song and perform it for your family. 
    • Play "Describe the Object" with your family or friends. Pick objects in your house and describe them. Have someone guess what it is. 
    • Draw a picture. Then without showing your picture, describe it to a friend or family member and have them draw it. Compare pictures to see if they look the same.