• Hello, Parents and Guardians,

           If the Voorhees Township Board of Education is directed to close our schools, we need to be able to continue to educate our students.  Osage School cares about the continuing education of your child and has created a remote learning plan in the event of such a closure.  Here is my remote learning reading plan.  All grade levels may utilize this plan.  

    Reading Specialist:  Mrs. Reca

    How will I communicate:  If you need to reach me you can contact me through Groupwise Email.  I will be available through this email at reca@voorhees.k12.nj.us.  Thank you for your support and cooperation during this time and we will facilitate the learning together.  


    Here are several reading ideas, lessons and activites you can utilize to aide in the area of reading.

    1. The Monthly Reading Connection Newsletters -located at our Voorhees -Osage Website under "Resources".

    2. Also, under the "Resources" tab on our Osage Website you can locate the following:

      * Clever, Epic, Google Classroom, Microsoft Office 365, Moby Max, Pearson Realize, Raz-Kids, Reading Eggs, Safari Montage, Study Island, Think Central and i-Ready on line instruction for both reading and math. 

       *These do need log-ins and your child's teacher has distributed them to your child. Most of them use their 224# and the birthday without lead zeros and some need vt at the end of the birthdate but other log ins do not need vt such as i-Ready on line instruction. 

    3.  Read a book or short story each and every night for at least 10 minutes with the students in grades K, 1,2  and 20 minutes with the students in grades 3,4,5.  You can make it fun by having a read-a-thon in your home. Here are a few more suggestions to make reading an enjoyable experience for all.

       * Camp out in the living room and read books by flashlight.

       * Hold a family movie night- complete with a concession stand that offers treats.  For example choose a movie that was first a book such as Wonder.

       * Have a dance party or sing a long with a video chat with relatives.  

       * Set up a quiet corner for your child to complete his/her school work and have them decorate their "home office".  

    Stay in touch with us and be sure to let us know if you need any additional materials or support.  


    Yours in literacy,

    Mrs. Debora Reca