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    BrainPop AND BrainPop Jr.

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    Week 4

    Here were are at week 4!  So proud of all of you.  Here are your lessons for the week of April 13th.  It may be a good idea to start a folder and a journal to help keep all of your work organized!  You can put the date in the corner of each page of your journal to help you keep track when you completed your work!

    1st Grade

    • Click HERE to watch "Steven Learns About Healthy Eating From Maggie."
      • Steven mentions CRISPS.  This is another word for CHIPS.
    • After the video, draw 3 healthy food choices that Maggie brought to Steven.
    • Keep your drawing to turn in when we return to school.


    2nd Grade

    • Have you ever heard the expression, "You are what you eat!" It sounds so silly, but this video will help explain what it really means!
    • Click HERE to watch the video "You Are What You Eat". 
    • After watching the video, write down the names or draw 2 new fruits and 2 new vegetable that you would like to try.


     3rd Grade   

    • Go to Brainpop. The username and password is listed at the top of this page.
    • Search and type in the upper right hand corner slot the word TASTE.
    • Click on it and watch the video.
    • After watching the video click on the square to the right of the video labeled WORKSHEET.  Write the answers on the screen or on a piece of paper.
    • Next write or draw on a paper your favorite "salty" food, favorite "sweet" food etc.  You might get hungry doing this!!!!


     4th Grade

    • Click on Brainpop. The username and password is listed at the top of this page.
    • Search and type in the top right hand corner the word TASTE.
    • Watch the video.
    • After the video, design and draw 2 different pizzas with 3 different healthy toppings on each one. Save the paper. Don't eat them! Yummy!

    5th Grade

    • Click on BrainpopThe username and password is listed at the top of this page.
    • Search and type in the top right hand corner the words FOOD SAFETY. 
    • Watch the video.
    • Before you have your next lunch or dinner (your choice) notice and write down on a piece of paper the following 3 things:
      • 1. How was the food packaged before it was prepared to cook/eat?
      • 2. How food was prepared or cooked safely?
      • 3. What was done with any leftovers?  Make sure you include what foods were leftover.
    • Enjoy your lunch or dinner!!!!!


    Week 3  

    1st Grade  

    • Students please watch this Youtube video.  Click here for My Plate Song.   
    • Draw a picture of what you will have or had for lunch today. 
    • Write which food group your lunch foods are in (example. - apple-fruit group)  
    • Save your paper


    2nd Grade 

    • Students please watch this Youtube video.  Click here for The 5 Fabulous Food Groups.  
    • Draw a picture of what you will have or had for lunch today and one snack.
    • Write which food group your lunch and snack foods are in (examples  milk-dairy group or peanut butter and crackers-protein and grain group)
    • Save your work.


    3rd Grade 

    • Click on BrainPOP 
    • Search, click on and watch the video on Nutrition.
    • Design a school lunch with all 5 food groups included. Draw and write on paper.  Save this work.
    • List or draw a lunch you have/had at home and write what food groups were included in your lunch. Save this work. 
      • Note: you may have to break down a food.  Example Hamburger and bun.   Hamburger - Protein Group     Bun- Grain Group


    4th Grade 

    • Click on BrainPOP 
    • Review the Nutrition video you watched from week 1
      • Search "Nutrition" - Click on and watch the video on Nutrition. 
    • Design a dinner with all 5 food groups included.  Draw and label the dinner on a paper.
    • Draw and write down the food groups in a dinner you have/had at home recently.  Include which of the food groups were included in your at home dinner. 
      • Some part of the meal may contain multiple food groups.  Example Spaghetti and meat balls - Spaghetti -grain Group    Meatballs- Protein Group  Tomato sauce - Vegetable group.  Yes, I know Tomatoes are really a fruit but they are used as a vegetable.  
    • Save this work.  I will ask for  it later. 


    5th Grade

    • Students please watch this Youtube video.  Click here for Myplate, My Wins: What's Your Healthy Style? 
    • Write down all foods you have in one day from Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Snacks.
    • Listing the food groups for each food in the meal.  Note some foods need to be broken down into groups as in a sandwich.  



    egg - protein

    Milk - dairy


    Turkey - protein

    2 slices bread - Grains

    Lettuce and Tomato - Vegetable 

    Dinner   - Continue with assignment