• Test Correction Information

    In order to get a 80% on the test, you must follow all directions completely. If you scored below a 80% you can do test corrections to get a 80%. This is all or nothing meaning you do the corrections correctly and completely and you get a 80, if you miss anything or do not follow directions, you keep the original grade.


    1. On a piece of a lose leaf paper, write your name on the top along with your section.
    2. Copy each question completely that you got incorrect or lost points on.
    3. Write your original answer.
    4. Write the correct answer.
    5. Explain why that is the correct answer.
    6. Staple the corrections to the top of the test.

    This must be done for every question you got wrong or lost points on. Test Corrections must be handed in the day they are due, as annoucned in class and posted on  the calendar, following the above mentioned format to recieve the grade change. You may only do test corrections if you completed quiz corrections (unless you scored a 95 or above on the quizzes).


    Quiz Correction Information

    Quiz corrections are completed in school during lunch. Two days will be available to accomodate students' schedules. Students will get a pass and come to my classroom during lunch. Students will then work independently with their notes to complete corrections. Students will need to copy the question number, record the correct answer, and copy the information from their notes where they found the corret information. The paper the corrections are done on will be stapled to the quiz. Anyone is able to complete quiz corrections regaurdless of their score.