• PSA! 

    Everybody listen! I have a public service announcement for you all, it’s about bullying! Bullying shows disrespect, it’s rude, and totally not fair to innocent people who did nothing wrong to anybody. I want this to stop, it’s not ok or funny! Bullies just want to ruin somones life just to see them miserable and nobody wants that, even if you were picked last for sports teams, bruises for physical bullying, and even this could cause disppression for people. So please stop bulling others let them be free, not hurt, and even a friend of yours! Give us, give them, give all of us your best effort for a chance to leave people alone. 

    Now, since we know that bullying can be dangerous or disrespectful to others you know how it feels then, to feel bullied. Also if you were a bully, then you knew that you learned your lesson and that’s great! Because BULLIES don’t deserve to be treated nicely! Goodbye.