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    Posted by Andrew Kuzinski on 9/18/2019

    The Story Of My Life

    Hello! This is my blog about my adventures of gaming! I started playing games since I was about 6 when I got my first gaming console from my aunt. It was the original wii. Since then I moved onto an Xbox in 2013. On Christmas of 2018 I got my first computer, an Acer Predator Helios 300. I still use this computer everyday to play video games. I mostly play games on steam, but I also use Origin and Blizzard for certain games I play. I don't just play video games. I play sports such as basketball and soccer. I like the fast-paced action of those games and the intensity of these games.

    I play online with all of my friends. We have our own discord server that we all use to play games together. My favorite kinds of games to play are survival and horror games. I also like first person shooter games. I like multiplayer games the most, but I can also play a single player game if the story is good or if it has good gameplay. I like these kinds of games because they are very intense and fast-paced.  I play a lot of different games with a lot of different genres. 

    The games I play:

    Dead by Daylight: 164 Hours 

    CSGO: 60 hours 

    Overwatch: 72 hours

    Minecraft: 49 hours

    Rainbow Six Siege: 100 hours


    Dead By Daylight

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