• Supply List


    Please send in the following items for use in our Kindergarten classroom:

    • *1 Plastic Pencil Box with Name Labeled On The Front

       (All supplies listed below should be placed into pencil box for 1st day of instruction) 

      *1 Box of THIN 24 Count Primary Crayola Crayons

      *2 Crayola / Elmers Washable Large Glue-sticks

      *2 Sharpened Primary Pencils (Ticonderoga)

      *1 Pair of Child Size Scissors

      *2 Expo Dry Erase Markers

      *1 Small Whiteboard Eraser

      *2 Highlighters (Any Color)    

       Students also need: 

      *1 Regular Size Backpack With Child’s Name Labeled On Front (No Wheels Please)

      * Extra Mask Kept in Bookbag

       *1 Clip Board - Please Label With Your Child’s Name On The Back

      *1 Pair of Headphones

      *1 Playdough - Please Label Top With Child’s Name 

      *1 Box of Tissues

      *1 Hand Sanitizer

      *1 Container Clorox / Lysol  Wipes 

      *1 Box Sandwich Size Zip Baggies 

      *Girls: Quart Size Ziploc Baggies

      *Boys: Gallon Size Ziploc Baggies