• I-Ready is a data-driven, online, adaptive assessment used by the district.  This diagnostic is given three times per year in grades K through 5.  The data collected helps to measure growth throughout the year.  Domains identified include Foundational Skills (Phonological Awareness, Phonics, High-Frequency Words), Vocabulary, Comprehension (Literature and Informational Text), and Lexile Level.   This critical information helps to inform instruction by identifying the learning needs of our students.  It also assists teachers with understanding what students CAN do well.  Suggested next steps for instruction are given.  Along with other assessment tools, the information gleaned has been an asset to our ability to continue to provide quality instruction.  Students will also take a Math Diagnostic.

    The instruction component of the program is adaptive and individualized to meet identified areas of need.  Based on the diagnostic information, students can log in for an online lesson in reading or math.  It is recommended that students spend at least 45-60 minutes per subject per week to make progress. This time can be divided between home and school.