•               Barry Sanders

    By: Chris DiPoalo

    Do you know the all star running back that played for the Detroit lions? His name is Barry Sanders and he was born in 1968 in Wichita Kansas. Barry Sanders has a very large family which consists of Byron Sanders, Lynn Sanders, Boyd Sanders, Shirley Sanders {mother}, William Sander {father}, and Nancy Sanders. Some struggles as a young child is that he and his brothers had to work for their father in the summer in boiling heat. Barry Sanders for high school went to Wichita north high school and later went to college at Oklahoma State University. Barry sanders loved to play football even when he wasn’t on the field. Barry Sanders first love was basketball but his father persuaded him to play football as a young boy Barry Sanders was very athletic. In high school when Barry Sanders played football he was afraid to get hit. Now to talk about his adult life.

    When Barry Sanders was playing in the Nfl he played running back for the Detroit Lions. Barry Sanders didn’t like fast cars or flashy clothes. Barry Sanders played football when he was little. Barry Sanders is married to Lauren Cambell and they had four children. Barry Sanders left the game {the game he retired} 1,500 yards short of eclipsing the career rushing yardage of the late Walter Payton [ who had more yards]. That is Barry Sanders.