•                             Text Box: Ella Fitzgerald
By: Talya Margalit

    Have you ever heard of the “Queen of Jazz” who also fought for civil rights. If not, then read this passage to find out. Ella Fitzgerald is the queen of jazz from the moment she opened her mouth. She sounded like heaven to your ears and love to your soul.

    Ella Fitzgerald was born April 25, 1917, Newport News, VA, and sadly died on June 15, 1996 in Beverly Hills, CA. Her family members were her dad who was William Fitzgerald, her mom, Temperance Fitzgerald, and a stepsister named Frances Da Silva. Her husband was Ray Brown, and she had a child with him named Ray Brown Jr.

    Ella Fitzgerald skipped school for most of it because she left her home to try to live on her own and ended on the streets. She once went to school when she was small but there is no information as to where she went, but all I know is that her school closed down. On a side note there’s one school named after Elle, and it’s called Fitzgerald Elementary School. 

    At the beginning of her career, she wanted to be a dancer and went to this competition where she showed her talent. When she got there, she wanted to do a dance act. However, when she saw­­­ the competition, she got scared and decided to sing instead. When she went up on stage to sing, she won the competition! Then she did not actually win because they changed their opinions and gave the win to the second place contestant. Shortly after she realized that, she did not win the competition because of her skin ­­color. The judges were racist.

    Little did she know, there was a band there that heard her and wanted her in their group. When the group asked the leader, he first said no because of her skin tone. However, when he heard her sing, he automatically changed his mind and said yes.

    Did you know that most jazz artist are African Americans? The band that found Ella had a leader whose name was Chick Web, and the band was called Chick Web.

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