• Extinct Animals Are Here!!!!!!!!!

               By: Shubham Gupta

            Did you know that scientists can bring back the awesome animals of the past? Can you believe animals from the past will come again? Extinct animals coming from the dead are like coins appearing in the air. This experiment has worked on some real extinct animal. This animal’s DNA is the key of bringing back the extinct animals. Furthermore, if you have the animal’s DNA you can bring back the animal.

            Do you want to bring back animals from the past? If you do what is the main reason you want to do this. My reason is that scientists can get a better view of animals. The animals will furthermore restore the older food chain and the huge food web. The animals will be back and no more saying “no the animals are extinct.” The earth would have their animal population for a long time. The animals would most likely be epic and awesome.

            Do you not want to bring back the incredible animals of the past that are extinct, but maybe not for long? If you agree with the statement above, you probably don’t want extinct animals. My reason is because some of the animals could do the opposite of what I said in the second paragraph. I think some animals could hurt the food chain and huge food web. The animals would be even a larger problem then what we have today.

            The animals that are in extinction are very precious and you know it. I think that these animals should come back and be treated nicely so they don’t become extinct again. Furthermore, I think animals can be a danger hazard as much as they can be an improvement. Animals will be here forever, but that might make more animals come out of the forest and roam on the street. My overall opinion is a no and if you disagree it is ok because seriously it sounds cool in my opinion the only problem in my opinion is that the fact that some animals will be very dangerous on earth.

            This experiment might happen in life. I furthermore think that this experiment might not turn out to be the disaster I think it will be. This will make the future even better that what people are predicting. I think this will be cool and interesting, but probably not in a good way. This is very interesting.