• E-Days


    Chris DiPoalo


          Bang! Snow days are ruined what are you going to do? Its snow days’ number one enemy dun dun dun Edays. If you get off from school because of snow some states have edays a.k.a stuff that you would do at school except online and at home! I like the freedom of snow days’ video games, hot cocoa, and sledding. So, I hope I will change your mind after this essay here are some of the reasons that I don’t want edays.


              One reason that I found is that you can cheat and Google all the answers. Think about it on homework kids look up answers online and Edays is online so they can go on google and search up the answers and get away with it. I know at least one kid every snow day would do this and I don’t want that to happen because they won’t learn anything. So, I don’t want Edays because kids can cheat. Here is reason number two why I don’t want Edays.

              Reason two why I don’t want edays is because you could have a power outage. If you have a power outage all the kid’s work could be erased and the power couldn’t come back on for the whole day. Then kids could be blamed by their teacher for not doing their work. Then the kids could get yelled by their parents for not doing their work. That would be horrible because the kids are innocent. So, that is my second  reason why I don’t want snow days.


              Here is one reason why I do want Edays. The reason why I want I want edays because you get out of school on time for vacation. I like snow days but vacation is longer don’t get me wrong I don’t want edays but I like vacation more. I like getting out on time for vacation and I like more summer time but in the end, I don’t want edays.


              I hope that you liked my essay. So in the end edays has its ups and downs but it has more downs then ups. I hope you agree with me but you can have your own opinion. I like snow days so edays and me wouldn’t get along. I’m going sledding got to go.