The Marriage

    By: Gabby


                         The day was October 30, 2016, the day my sister got married. My face was all swollen up, and my eyeballs were watery. I couldn’t believe Christina was getting married! As soon as the preacher said, “Does anyone object?” I wanted to yell, YES! I knew that if I did that I would not know what to say.

                         Later on that day when we were eating dinner at the wedding, my sister came up to me and exclaimed that she was moving to England. I was devastated. All I wanted to do was hold her close and never let her go. I couldn’t believe that Jay, (her husband) had stolen her from me. I should have objected when I had the chance.

                       After the wedding my family and I headed home to hit the hay. I snuggled up next to my seal and started gushing out tears. As the room slowly darkened, I kept saying, “This is my entire fault”. I imagined that my seal was Christina. I could feel her beautiful soft skin, and her gorgeous brown hair next to me. I wish that moment never ended.

                Today is December 8, 2016, and I am trying to overcome this. I am spending more time with Christina, and Jay isn’t so bad after all. He is really funny, and I found out that she is moving to England because Jay has the better job. It’s kind of funny how things turned out. Christina is going back to England in February, and now she owns a dog named Ollie.  He has dirty gold fur, and he is very lazy. He never barks, never growls, and never misbehaves. I am glad that my sister is now happy.