• A Bad Idea….

    By Charlotte Filak


    Nothing is better than snow spraying in your face as your sledding down a huge hill! And how about drinking hot chocolate by the fire. Don’t you just love every moment of snow days. It would be a big disappointment if some kids couldn’t enjoy their snow days. Oh wait! I forgot some kids don’t! Although you may have the joy of snow days in some school districts they have started saying bye bye to snow days and hello to E-Days. I’m uh. I’m um. I’m just flabbergasted at this! In the same way can you believe that some kids don’t have the joy of snow days anymore. I mean what kind of cruel person would do this. E-days a computerized virtual learning system is slowly taking over the world! Everybody hide!! While some kids are at home learning other kids are out sledding, making snow angels and snowmen, and having fun like they should when it snows.


    Pursuing that snow days are a bad idea some kids don’t have electronics even though you might. Parents will now have to waste money on buying their children electronics. Instead of spending it on stuff they don’t need they could be spending in on important stuff like clothes, food, shelter and other accurate things. It is effecting families’ daily life styles when they must waste money on e-days. In the united states of America there are way more homeless people then there should be if each school district decided to do e-days lots of families would lose money and the number of homeless people would be astronomical.



    Following this further E-Days is a terrible idea because some kids could cheat, rush, skip or not complete. If kids were to have another electronic by their side they could easily cheat by looking up the answer to the question. This could get their grade higher but is would not be true or honest. Kids can also not complete their work by staying on one question while they go and play in the snow or hang out with friends. Although I would home many kids would not cheat, skip, rush, or not complete their work believe it or not but many kids would try to do this and their parents may let them. Furthermore, they can also rush by clicking on random answers. This could drop lots of kids grades which is not fair to the teachers trying their best to teach their class online.


    In addition to the bad ideas of E-days teachers may have to be online for a long time. If some kids are slow learners’ teachers may have to be online for a while. Clearly then after hours of being online teachers will be very exhausted. Therefor it will be very hard for them to concentrate. As a result, kids won’t get the full learning experience. If teachers are very tired, it could take longer for them to explain and for kids to learn. Then because of 1 silly idea kids will not get the full learning experience and won’t learn all the lessons they might have wanted to. E-days are one unreasonable idea that is slowly tricking the whole world!


    In conclusion E-Days can cause many problems such as wasting money, tired teachers, and kids not getting the full learning experience. E-Days a computerized virtual learning system is a bad idea waiting to happen. And anyway who doesn’t want snow spraying in your face while your sledding down a huge hill. And how about drinking hot chocolate while you’re sitting by the fire warming up. Don’t you just love every moment of snow days!