• Extinct or Not?

    By: Sam Zak

    Should our scientist give extinct animals another chance not? Well I think we shouldn’t and there are a lot of reason why I think we shouldn’t bring back extinct animals. That is why I will be writing this essay about why we shouldn’t bring back extinct animals to live another day. Well I thought at first that it would be so cool if we could bring dinosaurs, but then I looked up and researcher that we could only bring back about 8 animals that are extinct. That didn’t make me go against bringing back dinosaurs I researched that there are a lot of reasons why scientist shouldn’t bring back extinct animals and that showed me that I shouldn’t be with bringing back extinct animals I should be against bringing them back.

     One reason why I’m against bringing back extinct animals is that even if we bring back the animals nearly every year about 10,000 to 100,000 animals are killed. The evidence to prove this reason is in the Nearpod app passage where it states that mostly 10,000 animals die every year. This proves that every year about a half of the animals we bring back will die in a year. People might think that humans don’t kill animals well your wrong and that is because every bug you kill is considered killing an animal. The reason why killing a bug is considered killing an animal is because an insect is considered an animal and a bug is an insect.

    Another reason why I don’t want extinct animals to have a second chance is that the animal can get out of hand and kill humans and other animals. The reason why I chose this statement is because to me just looking at one of the extinct animals the Tasmanian Tiger and that animal looks like he or her is ready to kill. The evidence to prove my answer is when I was reading a passage online and it stated that the reason why most extinct animals went extinct is because they went crazy and humans killed the animals. This proves that if we bring back vicious animals they could go crazy and start to kill again.

    My final reason why I think that the scientist shouldn’t bring back extinct animals is that you can’t choose any extinct animal. The reason why we can’t choose any extinct animals is because there is a certain number of animals’ scientist found DNA from. For example, scientists have no DNA samples of dinosaurs, so scientists can’t bring dinosaurs. People might be thinking that we can bring back megalodons well technically no, because it hasn’t been confirmed that they are extinct. This proves that if you were thinking that you could bring back dinosaurs you can’t their specific animals you can bring back.

    In my opinion I think if I was a scientist I would think it would be a horrible idea to bring back extinct animals and give them a second chance in life. I felt while typing this is that how will there be a way take that bringing back extinct animals like the dinosaurs of the reader’s mind. Bringing back extinct animals is like your trying to make our population go down. The reason why bringing back the extinct is like make our population go down just read the second paragraph and you’ll know why. Overall it would be a bad Idea to bring back the extinct animals so if I was a scientist I wouldn’t think about bringing back extinct animals. In conclusion, what would you choose bring back the extinct or NOT!