• Extinct or Alive

    By Christopher Dipoalo

    Did you know that dinosaurs can come back to life? Nope I’m kidding they can’t come back to life but recent extinct animals can come back to life. Ice age animals can come back like the Wooly Mammoth can come back. Ah the wooly mammoth the elephant’s hairy cousin. Other animals can come back to like the saber tooth tiger. I for one want them to come back. What do you want?

            One reason that I want the animals  to come back is because it would help restore the food web. Think about it when one animal goes extinct it hurts the food web and animals that eat that animal could go extinct to. If we the people and scientists could figure out a way to restore the food web we are helping that animal and other animals live longer and not go extinct by starvation. Now let’s go to reason number too.

            My second reason I want the animals to come back is because what if an animal comes back that could cure a disease. For example what if a extinct bird came back and could cure cancer. It would help the advancement of man kind. What if we could figure out a way to help humans heal faster. The possabilitys are endless maybe we could figure out away to make humans fly with bird dna. Maybe we could cure any type of disease with one type of animals blood maybe we could make animals talk by giving them our blood.Now for the third reason that I think animals should come back.

            For my third reason I think animals should come back is what if there blood or dna could make something use full like medicine.What if there blood could help use make a stronger dose of medicine that we currently have but stronger and could help people become beter faster. Mybe we could change the way we make some medicine and make it more advanced in that new way that we make the medicine. What if we could make a medicine that could work for animals and people. Now her is one resaqon that we shouldn’t bring back the animals.

            One reason that we shouldn’t bring back animals is because some carnovorse could come back and destroy the food web. Like the sabor toothe tiger could come back and have the wooly mammoth go extinct again. Or instead of the wooly mammoth going extinct by the sabor tooth tiger the dodo bird could go extinct again. It would be a lot of work to keep bring them back.Scientist would be exhausted because it would take forever to bring them back again and again and again it would take forever to keep bringing them back.

    I hoped you liked my essay and I hope you were entertained. I hope you have your own reasons to think about maybe they are similar to mine or different I just hope I gave you something to think about. If there are any reasons that you don’t want them to come back think of the reasons that I just gave you for them to come back and think about your reasons you think for them not to come back. It would be funny if we were there pets but what if do become there pets.