•                                                       May 19th the worst day ever

    By: Charlotte Filak

              Usually when you come home from school and your mom is on the phone, you just think it’s for work, so you go up to your room to do homework. Until you hear her make an appointment to get your birthmark erased through the air vents!!!! This is what happened to me one day after school. I go downstairs screaming NO! NO! NO! I told my mom I didn’t want to go, and I would never forgive her if she made me. Instead of telling me I didn’t have to go, like I wanted, she told me that if I didn’t, I could get cancer. That was right about when I ran upstairs screaming and balling my eyes out. Well that’s pretty much how my day went.

              So I’m guessing you’re probably freaking out now because you have a little tiny birthmark on your hand or something. Listen, mine used to be light brown when I was little, but it turned dark brown, and it’s on a sun exposed area on my forehead. Anyway, I knew I had to go, but I couldn’t! I was way too scared. When I was little, I knew I had to one day, but I didn’t exactly understand why. I would tell you how I thought they did it, and how they really did it, but I don’t want you to throw up.

    When my mom told, me I had to one day, I didn’t know she meant ten days after my 10th birthday.  Really Mom?! A few months passed, and it was operation day to get my birthmark erased, as we pulled up into the hospital parking lot I felt a shiver crawl down my back as I started quivering with fear. I had gotten stitches before (a lot) but that was when I was younger! Let’s just say my forehead is like a magnet to stitches. As I was saying from the second I walked into the hospital it was nothing like I imagined. I was walking in to the elevator when my body shook with jitters. My parents signed me in and they showed me and my parents to my room. As I was waiting in there for 3 hours I began to get antsy. Finally the nurse came in and gave me something called giggle juice which was really disgusting. We were waiting for it to kick in, we knew it was working when I started dying laughing for 10 minutes strait. Now it was time for them to take me into the operating room. They took me away from my parents, my birthmark, and my happiness. I was in the operating room when they put a mask over my face they had me breathe in the air that was passing through called anesthesia which made me go to sleep. Before I knew it I was back with my parents with no birthmark and some happiness. I guess I was still a little drowsy because I started walking and fell so they had to bring me to the car in a wheelchair. It’s been more than a year since I got the stitches and my fore head is still healing. It might have hurt, but I’m glad I did it!