No Snow Days?!                              

                                                    By: Gabriella Janka

              Well hello their person, are you having fun out there in the snow? You’re so lucky that you can go outside in the snow. I can’t because I must do my work at home, that is called E-days. Wait your telling me that you don’t know what E-days are? Well then, I’ll show you…  

              E-days are days when your school sends you work on computers and iPad, but that doesn’t make them flawless. There are a billion reasons why E-days are bad, but I’ll just show you three. The first reason would be money. Many adults don’t want their children to be addicted to their electronics, known as, “Electronic Maniacs.” Parents would have to spend more money to purchase the computer. Therefore, if they didn’t do it they’d have to do double the work the next day.

    Another reason to not have E-days are family. Usually, people want to spend time with their loved ones, but they can’t because of E-days and work. On snow days, you can watch movies, have snowball fights, drink hot chocolate, and have fun with your family. E-days are preventing family’s to be together. Occasionally, children eventually need a break from school.

    The final reason why there should be snow days is Wi-Fi. Sometimes the Wi-Fi can turn off and they can’t do their work. The next day they must do double the work. That isn’t there fault if the Wi-Fi turns off. Teachers wouldn’t believe them and even if they did they’d still have to do double. Do you want to do double the homework? I didn’t think so.

    That is why you shouldn’t have E-days. You can go outside and play in the snow while I’ll do my work. I didn’t even learn this stuff yet, UHHH! Do you want E-days and no snow days?