• Text Box: E-Days or Snow Days?

E-Days or Snow Days

       By: Shubham Gupta                                                                                                   

    E-Days? Snow Days? Which is better? Can you believe that schools want to take away awesome snow days? Most schools think that e-days are going to be better for children. In my opinion snow days are awesome and schools are crazy for thinking of e-days. If you think about the idea of a e-day many thoughts and problems pop up in your mind. School will probably not be in the best shape for e-days, but e-days may work if schools are lucky. Snow days are a break for kids just like a day winter vacation. If kids still must work on a snow day, they will get short-term stress. Snow days are like one day weekends, and who doesn’t like weekends.


    E-days have many cons and with the cons come larger problems. E- days won’t always work because of bad electrical outages. Electrical outages are very common during snowstorms and most snow days you don’t have any electricity. If electrical outages don’t happen kids would be very lucky. If I put a number on a scale from one to ten for if a e-day would have electrical outages I would pick a nine. Electrical outages are one of the minor problems with e-days. Electrical outages are just one of a million problems with e-days. Boo! Electrical Outages!


    E-Days have a couple of pros furthermore. E-days can be a good thing if they don’t fail. E-days can be good because you won’t have to catch up on snow days. Do you think kids would like to go to school in ninety to a hundred-degree weather? When summer is here and it is hot all kids want to do is to have fun and staying stuck in school is not fun. Furthermore, do you like being in school in ninety to a hundred-degree weather? If you do then you will disagree with me, but I think nobody will disagree with me because nobody likes being at school compared to being on summer vacation\break unless you love school.


    E-Days can be pain or something useful. E-days can be painful, if you work at a very slow pace it could take 6-8 hours to finish your work. If you want to play in the snow and you try to make e-days useful and you work at a fast pace you can finish it within 2-4 hours. Hacking and cheating can be much easier during e-days with web sites and Google. Earlier I stated that I researched some problems and found out that e-days can be horrible or a total disaster! If e-days happen I will probably try be the one who makes e-days useful and work at a fast pace.


    E-Days in my opinion are a way for schools to say no break for kids. E-days are probably the worst-case scenario of snow days. My final and best opinion of a e-day is a big no! Do you agree with me or not and furthermore if you don’t agree with me you are a e-day lover? An e-day is a monster which is taking over schools and taking control of schools. If snow days will beat e-days and I will be very happy. E-days are the worst of the worst and the most horrible ideas of school history. E-days are horrible!