•                                The Move

    By: Talya Margalit

    First let me start this story with this yes, I’m an immigrant! When I was one years old, my family and I (my mom, dad, sister and brother) moved to America from Israel because of my mom’s job. This transition was hard for my family because we didn’t know how to speak English very well. Only my mom knew a little bit of English, but it was still really hard.

    When we didn’t know a lot of English, it was hard to communicate with other people in America. For example, when we needed to rent a car, we couldn’t speak very well. They didn’t understand us, so it was hard. We were homeless for about a month because we had to live in a hotel, but then we were able to get a house.

    Something that was hard for me is that since I was a baby, I only learned English. So I couldn’t really communicate with my family in Israel. That was a really hard time in my life, but then I learned Hebrew. I learned too much and kind of forgot English. Don’t judge me. I was only three.

    I used to go to a school called Kelmen that taught me Hebrew. Then when I was 4, my parents transferred me to Signal Hill School, where there was a teacher named Mrs.Bree. She helped my brother, sister, and me to learn English fluently.  Know I’m great at both languages. Even though my whole family is on the other side of the Earth, I have friends that make it work!