•                  The First Time

    By: Sam Zak

    One summer night me and my family were going to El Mariachi one of the places I adore. While we were at dinner my mom and dad were talking about me starting football. Then after an amazing meal we went to get my ordinary favorite desert place called Sundays. While we were enjoying ice cream on a nice and warm night my mom signed me up for Football. When we got home I checked out the Voorhees Vikings football team schedule. Then I saw at the bottom of the screen it said that summer football training starts on August 1st. After I read that practice starts in August I got a little worried and a little excited.

              When It finally came to August I hopped into my dad’s car and we drove off to Gilangulio field which is the home of the Eastern Junior Vikings. When I got to the field I trotted on to the scorching hot field to search for any of my friends from camp or school. After searching for a few minutes I finally found one of my friends from camp named Skyler. Then we started to talk about camp and what position we hope we will play in the season. When we started practice a Skyler and I went with the 9 and 10 year olds which are the 4th and 5th graders. I didn’t know anything about football or the rules so the coaches during practice told all the rules so know about football.

              At the end of practice I thought we were aloud to go home, but my coaches told us we had to run gassers. If you don’t know what gassers are they are when you have to run a half of a football field 4 times in 4 sets. After a long 2 months of practice in the scorching hot sun its finally actual football practices in cool weather. We have about 2 more months of practice in cool weather until my first game. When we were done every practice we ran and ran gassers until it was the end of the 4th gasser. After a while I got used to gassers and I got faster and faster at them.

              When we were finally done are 2 more months of practice we had 1 more week till our first game vs. the Cherry Hill Knights. When we started our finally weak of practice our coaches pushed us to the highest limit. After practice instead of doing 4 sets we did 5 sets of gassers. I was so tired when I got home I could barely eat my dinner because I was so tired, but when I went to bed I didn’t I was so hungry. Then after I fell asleep at 11: 45 I woke up at 7am to go to school. When it was time to have breakfast I was the first one done to eat a delicious meal before I go to school.

              After school I went home on the bus which is m usual routine of getting home. When I got home I did my homework and had a healthy snack before another horrible practice of running and hitting. When it was finally time to go to practice I waited for my dad and when he was home I got in the car like the Flash running. After another practice my coaches said that we did an amazing job at practice this week and I hope you do a good job this weekend against Cherry Hill Knights.

              Finally it was game day The Cherry Hill Knights vs. The Voorhees Vikings on a nice and sunny day at the field in Voorhees. Before the game my dad pumped me up to get ready and when it was time to play I had mixed emotions. One part of me felt like I was excited, but the other part of me felt like I was worried. When the game started the Knights chose to receive so the Vikings will start on defense. The first play of the game was a sack by me who forced a fumble for my team to get the ball for the first in the game. On that drive the Vikings scored a touchdown to take the lead in the game 7-0. When the Knights got the ball back in the 2nd quarter they went down the field and scored a touchdown, but they missed the extra point. Now the score is 7-6 and the Vikings are still beating the Knights at Halftime.

              At the end of Halftime the Vikings start with the ball and try to score another touchdown. When we just start the game in the 2nd half we go down the field, but the Quarter Back throws an interception. Now the Knights have the ball in their own territory. Well I thought that Cherry Hill had no chance of go down the field and scoring another touchdown. I was actually right they threw a interception on the 5 yard line and now it’s the final quarter which is the 4th quarter. Then we got sacked in our own end zone which is called a safety. If you don’t know what a safety is its when you get sacked our tackled in your own endzone and the other team gets 2 points.

              Now the score is 8-7 with 5 minutes left until the game is over. The Vikings now have the ball and they are driving down field and about to score. When we on the 20 yard line our Quarter Back threw another pick and now the Knights have the ball with one minute left in the game. The Knights now have the ball and they take a knee and the game the score 8-7 with no time left on the clock. When the game was over we shook hands with the Knights and went to say good game to the Knghts.


              I was so disappointed that we lost 8-7 when I got home I was actually a little happy because I had fun and played my first tackle football game in my life. For the rest of the season I had a fun time playing for the Voorhees Vikings youth football team. In the middle of the season I stopped the game winning touchdown and when I made the tackle I sprained my Ligament in my right foot and couldn’t play foe 2 weeks. For those 2 weeks were horrific because I couldn’t play football couldn’t play my favorite sport, couldn’t run and play with my friends, and couldn’t do anything that could heart my foot for 2 weeks. After those 2 horrible weeks I finally could come back to football and play and the first game I played back was we won 21-0 over Morrestown.


              I hope you enjoyed this long story about my first time playing football. In my opinion I think football is the greatest sport that was ever created in mankind. If I was the creator of football I will so proud of myself for how good of a sport football is and how it turned out today. I feel that if football was never created life will be a mistake for men who love football today especially me. Overall I think no sport in the world or Universe is better then football because it really energetic to watch and exciting to watch especially the Super Bowl.